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Specializing in the design and engineering of bridges, buildings, and construction works, our aim is to ensure safety, timeliness, and cost effectiveness throughout all phases of a project.

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A collaborative spirit, determination for growth, and a curiosity for how things work; these are the unifying traits of our team members. By understanding the realities of the construction site, we strive to provide our clients with timely, practical solutions.

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Services Provided

Bridge Engineering

ART Engineering Inc. is an Eastern Ontario leader in bridge construction engineering. We design and review structures under the Canadian Highway and Bridge Design Code (CHBDC) and conduct Quality Verification Engineering (QVE) services under the Ontario Provincial Standard Specifications and Drawings (OPSS and OPSD). We provide:

Bridge design services.
QVE inspection services.
Global structural analysis and structural consultation.
Structure design and construction drawing package preparation.
Rapid replacement design and consulting services.
Sequential construction design and consulting services.
Formwork and falsework designs.

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Building Engineering

ART Engineering Inc. offers institutional, commercial, industrial and residential building design and consulting services. We provide:

Building design and construction drawing package preparation.
Retrofit and rehabilitation design services.
Delegated design of building components.
Pre-engineered building structural foundation design services.
Construction consultation services.
Tenant fit-up and change-of-use designs.
Engineering realization of architectural conceptual designs.
Building condition assessments and capital fund studies.

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Temporary Structure Engineering

ART Engineering Inc. leads the temporary structure engineering field throughout Eastern Ontario. We provide designs for stadiums and major arenas, bridges and rapid replacement projects as well as high-rise buildings and heritage restoration projects. Our services include:

Access scaffolding.
Formwork and falsework.
Excavation shoring.
Suspended platforms.
Environmental containment.

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Health and Safety Design Services

Our health and safety design services focus on reducing hazards throughout all stages of construction projects. We review documentation, evaluate existing site conditions, analyze structures to be erected or demolished and provide the most practical engineered solutions. Our services include:

Erection and demolition procedures.
Construction procedures and inspections.
Fall protection systems.
Roof anchor designs.
Crane inspections.

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Strong lines of communication between surveyors and engineers are essential to ensure success on any project. To this end, ART Engineering Inc. has expanded its service offerings to include surveying in-house. Our engineering and surveying expertise ensures quality through a cross-disciplinary understanding of your project. We provide:

Construction monitoring and land surveying.
Topographical surveying.
As-built condition surveying.
Quality control and quality assurance.
Volumetric surveying.

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ART Engineering Inc. provides engineering services throughout Canada and is certified through the following provincial and territorial governing authorities:

Ontario (including professional designations as Building Design Specialists & Consulting Engineers)
Northwest Territories and Nunavut

ART Engineering was awarded a Certificate of Merit in the "Adaptive Use" category by the Ottawa Architectural Conservation Awards, who recognize outstanding restoration and conservation of the City's heritage resources, for our work on the Koreana Restaurant.