Grade Separation Systems
(patented technology)

ART Engineering Inc.

GSS is our latest innovation: a cost effective method for the construction of bridge underpasses at any live traffic intersection.

Build your underground grade separation smarter. Eliminate rail detours and increase intersection safety with significant cost and time savings.

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Build During Open Traffic

Reduce construction times;
Eliminate long-term detours;
Safely work beside traffic.

Eliminate Waste

Fewer temporary structures;
Reusable GSS trenchboxes;
Reusable steel lagging.

Improve Build Times

4hr at-a-time rail closures;
Constructable year-round;
Common construction methods.

Eliminate the dangers of intersections, and build an underpass more cost-effectively than ever before

Cost Effective

- Fewer materials
- No shoo-flies
- Less work!

Improved Safety

- Reduce accidents
- Remove conflict zones
- Smarter infrastructure

Increased Efficiency

- Faster travel times
- Reduce GHG emissions
- Reduce noise pollution

Adaptable Solution

- CA & USA standards
- Any intersection
- Rail, roads, and more

Guides & Example Procedures

Construction of a Single-Span Rail Bridge

1. Install caissons.
2. Precast substructure segments.
3. Bury them in a 4 hr rail traffic closure.
4. Prepare bridge span.
5. Close rail for another 4 hrs and move span.
6. Excavate, build walls and road.


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